A notebook by Nuuna wants to be filled with good, as well as with bad ideas, with spontaneous impressions, thoughts, moods or sketches. It becomes more precious and personal with every brief note and every coffee stain. But only something that’s been produced with attention to detail can actually become more precious. Nuuna notebooks therefore have an inside of Swedish fine paper with a decent dot grid that is suitable for both writing and sketching. It is thread-stitched and bound in fine materials such as smooth bonded leather. It is especially soft and appears silk-matt. At the same time it is highly durable and flexible – it doesn’t get kinks or wrinkles. Features that pay off in your everyday life.

Your ideas, projects and thoughts are also well protected in our alternative cover material. You know it from your jeans – yes, exactly: the label on your waistband you thought to be leather. But because leather doesn’t survive the stonewash process and your regular laundry unscathed, the material of your jeans label is paper-based. The cover motifs are applied manually via silk-screen printing. Silk-screen printing was already appreciated by artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein for its highly intense colour application. Let’s get to the inner qualities: the perfect flatness enables you to write across the pages, providing sufficient space for long texts and large sketches.

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