Caran d’Ache Ecridor XS Chevron Pencil


Discreet and reliable. Designed for small pocket organizers, jacket pockets or handbags, the Ecridor XS Chevron has all the same qualities as its predecessor. Its body is adorned with an inverted V guilloche. Its palladium finish guarantees a daily sparkle and brilliance. The Ecridor XS Chevron mechanical pencil is equipped with a high-precision mechanism. The quality of the 0.5 mm Graphite leads and the convenience of the replaceable eraser positioned under the push button will be appreciated.

Mechanical pencil — 0.5 mm Graphite leads

Mechanism: push button

Refills: Graphite leads 0.5 mm, HB or B and erasers

Can be personalised

Lifetime international guarantee

Swiss Made


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