Liquor Stores & Convenience Stores Division

Since 1923, Morton Clarke continues to be a family owned business. We are pleased to provide Liquor Stores, Tobacconists, and Convenience Stores across BC with a popular selection of tobacco, beverages and confectionery.

Our Liquor Stores and Convenience Stores Division is here to help you succeed. We continually strive to meet your needs through efficient delivery of products and services by our dedicated and motivated staff.

Whether you are looking for your customer’s favorite cigarette or cigar brand, confectionary item,  or even the ever popular Mott’s Clamato mixers & Blazes Beans, Morton Clarke has you covered.

Placing an order is as simple as using MC-Connect (our online order system), sending us an email, or by giving us a call or fax. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further enquiries.


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