Caran d’Ache Ecridor Chevron Rollerball


Timeless. The Ecridor Chevron houses an inverted v-shape design on the six sides of its palladium-coated body. These chevrons are diamond engraved and elegantly match its palladium-coated finish. The Ecridor Chevron roller pen offers you excellence with finesse.


Rollerball with free space for engraving/838.296

Cap: click-in

Can be personalised

Lifetime international guarantee

Swiss Made


Rollerball Fine Black 8222.160

Rollerball Fine Blue 8228.009

Rollerball Fibre Tip Medium Black 8128.000

Rollerball Fibre Tip Medium Blue 8122.000

Rollerball Fibre Tip Fine Black 8128.009

Rollerball Fibre Tip Fine Blue 8122.160

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